Quarterly Issues Report – 1st Quarter 2018

Corydon, IN


Issues/ Programs List




 April 3, 2018


SUBMITTED BY: Brent Turner





  • Monday through Sunday, one :30- Second Report per hour



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  • Sunday mornings at 6:00am. A 30-minute public affairs program, addressing issues of interest ranging from political to health.



 Through its regular ascertainment process, Summit Media Corporation has determined that the following issues are important to the Corydon, Indiana community.


  • Economy/Financial Concerns
  • Women and Minorities
  • Health/Safety
  • Family/Education



Viewpoints         2/4/18                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min

The Super Bowl is the biggest game for the NFL, but it’s also the biggest game for advertisers. Many people who don’t even like football tune into the game just to see the ads. We talk to marketing specialists about how to craft a good ad, how ads are effectively measured and what makes an ad memorable.

Viewpoints         3/18/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, gun reform debates have been happening all across the country, but researcher Adam Pah says one thing missing from the debates are the essential data points that he says can and should be informing future policy decisions.



Viewpoints         1/14/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

For decades, science fiction was a genre written almost exclusively by white males. Now, the genre is flourishing with diverse voices, thanks in part to the trailblazing writer Octavia E. Butler. Historian Gerry Canavan discusses the obstacles Butler faced and her legacy on one of the most popular genres in American literature.

Viewpoints         3/25/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

We talk to two experts on sociology and racism who say that racism still exists in 2018. We discuss what racism looks like in our modern world and what we all can be doing to help make the world more tolerant and less racially biased.



Viewpoint           1/7/18                                                  6:00am                                                                 15min

In a country that seems to be pulling away more and more every day, it can seem nearly impossible to find time for yourself to clear your mind and feel joy. We talk to Douglas Abrams about the week he spent learning from two of the world’s spiritual leaders, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Abrams shares the joy practices and little things that the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu do daily to experience joy regularly.

Viewpoints         1/21/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

We like to think we’re in control of our own actions… but are we? We talk to Dr. John Bargh, a professor of psychology at Yale University and author of Before You Know It: The unconscious reasons we do what we do, to discuss just how much of what we do is dictated by our unconscious minds.

Viewpoints         2/25/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

David Adam is a reporter and author who has lived with OCD for almost 20 years. He joins the show to explain his disorder and clear up some common misconceptions about the debilitating disorder.



Viewpoints           1/28/18                                              6:00am                                                                 15min

Maintaining a relationship or a marriage is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can be tricky. We hear tips from an expert clinical psychologist on how couples can communicate better, understand each other more deeply, and work through some of the issues common in modern marriages.

Viewpoints         2/11/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

How has a small town in Vermont produced 11 Olympians since the ‘80s? New York Times sportswriter Karen Crouse went there to find out, and says the answer lays in the town’s culture… and most crucially, the parenting.

Viewpoints         2/18/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Storytelling is a human impulse that has guided civilizations as far back as we can remember. Martin Puchner is a scholar on the subject and takes us through the history of writing stories down, and how those written accounts have become so important to our understanding of the world

Viewpoints         3/4/18                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min

Students are taking an active role in political conversations around the country. We talk to experts about how teachers and schools are teaching young adults to think critically about important topics and talk an active role in the ongoing debates.



Viewpoints         3/11/18                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

The right to an education is guaranteed to all students by federal law. But experts and parents are now wondering if we’re doing enough to help students with autism reach their full potentials.