Meet Les Cook

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I grew up in Southern Indiana and listened to the Rock n Roll Stations in Louisville. My Father worked in Radio most of his life and put 1550 AM in Corydon, Indiana on the air in 1964 and I was soon working with him,so I guess you could say I was born to be on the Radio.  I broke into the Louisville Market in 1973 at a Progressive station that soon went Album Rock and have worked at most of the stations here over the years. In late 1978 I got a wild hair and went to work at a Rock n Roll Station in Madison, Wisconsin and over the next 9 years worked at Rock Stations in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois before returning to Louisville. and I’ve been here ever since, out side a 2 year stint at WSHE in Miami, Florida. That had been one of my early Radio goals so I grabbed it when I could. But, now I am right where I want to be and that is right here with you Brothers and Sisters and Second Shifters, doing 7 to Midnight on Classic Rock 107.7 The Eagle. So join me for the best music ever recorded and I’ll share some memories of Rock n Roll over the years as we take a look at what happened in rock history on Flash Back at 7:45 and 10:45 and in between we’ll crank up the Fun Factor in the night time on the Eagle.